moving to the south of France

 The information in the following sentences is going to be targeted at anyone who currently lives in the UK or Europe and wishes to move to France.

A removal company should be pretty much bottom of the list when planning a move. Before this is done dates should be in place for the move and people should know where they’re moving to. This is basic information any removal company will need. Information on what size of van will be required should also be at hand

. There are various ways to find a removal company, business directories, the internet and referrals, but there are also a few things to consider before you use the services offered by a company like this. One is price, this shouldn’t be top of the list, cheapest isn’t always best. The second and possibly the most important is experience. Removal companies that travel from the UK or other countries in Europe to France should be aware of any laws that are in place regarding what can be taken there.

They should also be aware of any taxes that might be incurred for the sort of items that are being transported. Make sure questions can be answered quickly and efficiently about these sorts of issues and ask for evidence of removals that have been done to France in recent weeks. If it’s been some months since the removal company travelled to France, there could be a reason for this and it would be wise to search for someone else.

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Cost of Living in France

Moving in itself is a costly business and it’s important that anyone who is thinking about moving to France takes this into consideration. Moving to another country is a decision not to be taken lightly and there should be a good few months' intense research before finally taking the plunge. People who move from the UK to France may find the cost of living cheaper simply because of the Euro but if there is a situation where life savings are being transferred to a French bank account, the exchange rate is something to think about. When looking at the actual cost of living, it’s important to work out the differences in price for a good number of things. Are utility bills cheaper? Is food cheaper? How much will it cost for healthcare if it’s not available from the Government? These are all questions that need to be answered before anyone even thinks about selling up and moving. It’s a good idea to write down how much daily living will cost, add it all up and see if it’s any cheaper. Of course, there are some things that may be more expensive in France but there may also be things that are cheaper. The idea is to see if it’s possible to live a decent life for less money which gives peace of mind that it’s possible to move to France for good.





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